Command uploads

Welcome to the YouAskAI Alexa uploads page. The Alexa skill has absolutely no access to any of your Amazon personal details and can not take any form of payment whatsoever. The skill only listens when called upon and has no other interaction through the microphones or speaker when not being used.

Beta testing

Amazon allow skills in development to be tested for up to 90 days through a simple register. Many thanks if you wish to take part. You must have an Amazon Alexa app installed on a mobile phone, using the same email address as assigned to your Alexa app, please email just two lines, language used & first name. You will then be sent an Amazon invitation link to test the skill if the maximum number of testers has not been reached.

Getting started

To get started you will need an 'Update code'. Open the skill using
'Alexa listen up', pause, and then say 'New Update Code'
A 16 digit number will be announced. Type this directly into the first box of the form below, (Update code) and click the button to the right of it. You will then be connected to your own data-slot and ready to start uploading.

Once connected, create a shortcut to this webpage for your desktop and it will include your 'Update code' saving you from entering it each time. If you lose or forget your update code simply ask Alexa to 'Repeat update code' or ask for a 'New update code'.

Simple examples:

Many fields should be self explanatory but more examples will be made available. Fill in the boxes that relate to the numbers in the example and then click the 'Upload' button at the bottom of the page.

Change system welcome message:
You say: "Alexa listen up"
"Hi Jez . what's up buddy"

This will then replace the default message of 'Welcome to You-Ask-ai'

Simple question > response:
You say: "How do I do a simple wash"
"Turn the big white knob on the washing machine to 7 and click the power button . this will take around half an hour . don't forget to empty it"
"Simple wash"
"Phrase must be within what Alexa hears"

(A full stop in the response adds a slight pause, .. or ... add an even longer pause)

Send command to project circuit board / device:
You say: "Turn cameras on the jag quick"
"focusing 4 cameras onto the garage area"
"cameras on the jag"
"Phrase must be within what Alexa hears"

(e.g. Send to Port '7878' Camera 1 = 40°, Camera 2 = 180°, Camera 3 = 150°, Camera 4 = 50°)
Any returning value within the time-out period will be announced by Alexa otherwise it will use the typed response.

Play YouTube video snippet on standard smart TV:

You say: "Whisper"
Opens player screen using your UserKey
"OK . playing on large screen"
"George Michael - Careless Whisper (Official Video)"
"What Alexa hears must be within phrase"

(e.g. YTE=YouTube Embed, Screen=1, Start = 10 secs in, 120 = Play for 2 mins, YouTube embed code)

Each box on the form below has a name above it, just say,
'Tell me about the ????? box'

Show help text.

1  Update code

2  Key

3  Device
4   Single upload
 Multi line upload

5  Phrase list
6  Voice
7  Response 8   Phrase

9  Exit

10  Listen rule -

11  Tme-out 12   Output
13         14 

15  What Alexa heard